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Frequently asked questions and support around your Creative Nerds Premium support membership.

Once you have successfully gone through the payment process via PayPal, you can instantly sign up for an account and start downloading as many resources as you please.

All payment are in US dollars via our payment portal PayPal.

If you can’t remember your password please fill in our forgot your password form.

All of the resources can be used in commercial and personal design project without any attribution required. You can read further about our terms of use section.

Creative Nerds premium is our premium subscription design service where you get access to a library’s of hundreds of design resources. Its an affordable yet high quality library of resources, which is superb value for money. Its a great way to support Creative Nerds, and get your hands on some ranges of design resources from photoshop brushes to vectors.
The revenue generated from Creative Nerds Premium goes into producing even more resources and upkeep of the day to day cost of running Creative Nerds our blog. Not only do you get access to some great resources, but help support us.

Instantly unlock all resources

Regular updates

New content is continually added throughout each month, so frequently visit back to see new resources added.

Unlimited acess

Download as many resources as you like throughout lifetime of your membership with over 100 resources.

1 Year Membership

Your membership lasts for 12 months, which cost less than a cup of coffee a month.